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We're Starting a Revolution...You In?

It's time to stop blending in. It's time to stand out , stand up, and be proud of the unique person that you are.

It’s time to let the world know that you’re one of a kind.   

It’s time for revolution, and Nomadic Artist Streetwear want you to be a part of it.

How can you join us?


By celebrating your individuality with custom-designed clothing and accessories, lovingly hand-painted by North Carolina artist and fashion designer, Melissa Crosson-Skoyles. 

From shoes and hats to belts, ties, and other accessories, Melissa paints each item with its own distinctive design, ensuring that nobody else in the world owns the exact same item as you do.

And if that’s not enough to show the world how truly unique you are?

You can even commission Melissa to create a bespoke design that really reflects your personal style.

Get yours today, and let’s start a revolution together…


Celebrate Yourself. Shop Nomadic Artist Streetwear today.

What’s a revolution without a cause? 

Our Values

Celebrating uniqueness

Our passion for celebrating the uniquess of every individual lies at the heart of everything we do. We love creating one-of-a-kind items that help people to share their true self to the world loudly and proudly!

Equality for all

We are proud LGBTQ+ allies and believe everyone, no matter their race, gender, orientation or background should have the freedom to be their true selves. Nomadic Artist Streetwear actively opposes discrimination or prejudice of any kind.

Creative Expression

Our one-off products are inspired in part by the sheer joy of creativity and we hope to encourage and inspire others to express their creativity too. Every individual has a story to tell. We strive to create beautiful products which help them to tell that story with style.

when one wins, we all win

We don't subscribe to the idea that for us to succeed, other artists and creators have to fail. We passionate support creative entrepreneurs in our community and throughout North Carolina. We're always open to the idea of new collaborations.


Did you know that 85% of clothing ends up in landfills? At Nomadic Artist Streetwear, we do our part to reduce that by upcycling pre-loved clothes and accessories to create our unique products.

Be Kind

We strive to be kind at all times and to spread kindness throughout the world, one happy customer at a time. We support our local community through creative workshops and other endeavors and believe in the empowering effects of investing in others.

Melissa Crosson in Her Own Words

 Long before I ever picked up a paintbrush, it was fashion which first inspired my love of art and creativity. 

Growing up in Chicago, I was fascinated by the way my favorite designers brought their ideas to life in a way that added a little joy and beauty to the world, and I wanted more than anything to do the same.

After moving to North Carolina in the early 2000s, I gained my Associates Degree in Fine Arts from Mitchell Community College in Statesville, NC. This was an experience which motivated me to branch out and teach myself a variety of different styles and techniques. 

From acrylics to oils, pastels, multi-media and more, I loved experimenting and exploring all the different ways that art could be used as both a means of expression and a way to inject a little joy and color into the lives of those around me.

In 2021, I developed my latest style, patchwork-like compositions inspired by southern quilts and Batik art.

It was this style that led me to being selected as one of just 20 artists to be included in the ArtPop Street Gallery Class of 2022 and have my work featured on billboards across North Carolina and beyond.

It was this style that I displayed during my first major solo exhibition at the prestigious Charlotte Art League in 2022, and it was this style that helped to bring my creative journey full circle as I set out to achieve the dream I had all those years ago of becoming a fashion designer.

That dream came true in the summer of 2022 when I made my debut at the renowned Charlotte Fashion Week, and it’s a dream that I now to get to make a reality every single day with the launch of Nomadic Artist Streetwear. 

I hope you love the products I’ve created for you just as much as I loved making them. 

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