Nomadic Artist Streetwear at Charlotte Fashion Week 2022

Nomadic Artist Streetwear Debuts ‘The Liberaton Collection’ at Charlotte Fashion Week 2022

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An artist. A creator, liberated from her own unhappiness, not just finding her freedom but seizing it with gusto and using that freedom to make her dreams come true and inspire others.

Namely, she wants to inspire people to be bold and unafraid in expressing their true selves, to have the courage to say “this is me. I am liberated from the opinions of others. I am my true self. Without apology.”

After all, only when we are true to ourselves can we really know freedom.

These outfits are designed to encourage people to do just that. To express their uniqueness without reserve or apology. To embrace the freedom that comes from being their true selves and be bold.

Ladies and gentlemen, Melissa Crosson and Nomadic Artist Streetwear present:

The Liberation Collection.

Let the freedom revolution begin.

Behind The Scenes Photos from Charlotte Fashion Week 2022

Hair by Christina Medina of CM Beauty Studio, Conover, NC

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